About Us

About Us

Building the future of DevOps Technology

Our mission is to deploy our collective expertise and the power of artificial intelligence to prevent failures before they occur, solve problems quickly, and train DevOps experts who drive innovation at optimized cost.

We are committed to not only meeting today's development and operations needs, but to reinventing them, ensuring that every strategy implemented is not only sustainable and scalable, but also a step forward to a more agile and adaptive future. With every line of code and every deployment strategy, Lessthan3 not only takes care of the present, but also secures the future of IT operations.

Our Way

In search of excellence

Our journey began in 2023, with a clear vision and a dedicated team of technology pioneers. Since then, we have grown and evolved, but our essence remains the same: constant innovation and a relentless pursuit of excellence in DevOps service.

Lessthan3 is born in 2023

We created our team of DevOps experts

SaaS MVP Market Launch in Q4 2024

We will make our SaaS available to everyone in MVP mode for everyone.

Observability Platform, FinOps and SecOps Creation in Q2 24

Creation of the different platforms for use by our customers

SaaS development in Q3 2024

We will start the development of our SaaS platform to host the different platforms


Why Us?

Choosing Lessthan3 means betting on a strategic partner that not only understands the current challenges of the IT industry, but also anticipates them. We differentiate ourselves by our unique approach that reduces costs and increases productivity, all supported by our deep understanding of the Agile methodology and our commitment to continuous training.

Innovation & Quality

We stay on the cutting edge of technology to lead the DevOps transformation. Each project is a reflection of our constant search for excellence.


We work hand in hand with our customers to achieve joint success.


We invest in the knowledge, skills and development of our team.

About us

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