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Our Goal: Optimizing the World

“We optimize processes and reduce costs for our customers through advanced solutions in DevOps, FinOps and SecOps.”

At Lessthan3, our goal is to transcend the boundaries of technology to optimize the world. We firmly believe that through our advanced DevOps solutions and Observability Platform, we not only transform infrastructures and processes, but also empower organizations to achieve unprecedented efficiency.

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about us

About Our System

What Makes Us Unique

Our mission is to revolutionize the DevOps space, offering secure and reliable solutions to improve the performance and efficiency of organizations in the digital age.


Senior DevOps

All our technicians are Seniors with years of experience in the sector and in continuous training.

SaaS Deep Observability

By integrating human expertise with AI predictive analytics, we prevent problems before they occur.


Our proactive approach and advanced tools solve challenges quickly and efficiently

Expert Training

We invest in knowledge, creating DevOps professionals who know how to maximize efficiency and reduce costs

Cost Reduction

Our method of resource optimization and intelligent deployment produces significant cost savings

Customized Service

We respond to your company's needs by offering the services you need.

FinOps Platform

We Help Companies Reduce Costs

Qualified Senior Personnel
Secure and reliable solutions
Integral Services at the best price
What we offer

Services that Enhance Your Business Value

DevOps Solutions

Our goal is to provide companies with the guidance and support they need to ensure that their DevOps solutions are secure and reliable.

Outsourcing Roles: DevOps, SRE, Platform Engineer, SysOps, SysAdmin
Services: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Terraform, Kubernetes, Git, Docker...
Support & Maintenance
Security & Compliance

Observability Platform powered by AI

Revolutionizing Observability by using artificial intelligence to simplify troubleshooting and problem solving in complex IT systems

Prevents failures before they occur
Drives development teams to excellence
Solves existing problems
DevOps Process Optimization
DevOps Security (DevSecOps)

FinOps Platform

Maximize your ROI in the cloud.

Optimize costs in the cloud
Full visibility of expenditure
Automate cost management
DevOps Process Optimization
DevOps Security (DevSecOps)

SecOps Platform

Monitor your company's security level

Google Cloud

Trusting us

Our customers are our best guarantee


We are at your service

Where to find us

C/Schultz 5 3°B-1. 33003 Oviedo. Spain

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